Fedora Hubs Hackfest Thu Jun 4th / Details

Máirín Duffy duffy at redhat.com
Tue Jun 2 20:42:00 UTC 2015

Hi Fedora Infra folks!

A number of you are going to be at Red Hat's Boston-area office this
Thursday for a Fedora Hubs hackfest. (If this is the first time you are 
hearing about this - my bad! You are more than welcome to participate!)

I wanted to put together a rough agenda to help us spend our time as 
wisely as possible while still allowing some flexibility. We can totally 
hack this up or swap things around as much as you'd like. One 
consideration is that a lot of the 'planned' stuff is up-front for the 
folks in Europe who will be participating remotely via BlueJeans so they 
don't miss out on it and instead have to try to follow the chaos that 
typically is a hackfest via video feed.

If you are participating remotely, the BlueJeans URL is:

The IRC channel is:
#fedora-hubs on irc.freenode.net

I have 9 AM - 1 PM US Eastern as the total running time; the physical 
meeting place will be in the Mount Greylock conference room.

9 AM Boston (1500 Paris)

   User / Purpose Focus

   I'd like to go over the proposed elevator pitch for Hubs' purpose, 
the two main user profiles we should think about when building it, and 
then we can play a game to better understand our users' motivations help 
immerse ourselves in our user's needs.

   (The game I'd like to play is called Pain-Gain map, description here: 

10 AM Boston (1600 Paris)

  Prototype Demo

   Ralph is going to give us a demo of his prototype thus far.

10:30 AM Boston (1630 Paris)

  New Mockups!

   Meghan is going to show us the new hub mockups she has been working 
on since our last meeting.

11 AM Boston (1700 Paris)

   Hacking with food!

   I'm thinking for the last couple of hours we could more informally 
start planning out / hacking on actual implementation, with Meghan and I 
present to work on mockups and answer any questions about the design. I 
am thinking we could also take a break around 12 and go down to the 
cafeteria to grab some food to bring back up / eat/ chat during this 
time block.

I'm being pretty conservative with time estimates for the more formal 
stuff and think it's probably likely we'd have time to start hacking a 
bit earlier than 11 but we'll see how it goes?

Sound good?


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