Meeting Agenda Item: Introduction Marco Giovannini

Marco Giovannini usernkey at
Thu Jun 4 21:18:57 UTC 2015

   Hi guys

   below my "Hello World!" :) I hope to hear from you.

    Name: Marco Giovannini
    IRC handle: usernkey
    Time Zone / Country : Europe/Prague
    Basic skills and experiences: GNU/Linux (RH,Centos mainly) SA  and
others UNIX (AIX,Solaris mainly) SA  - Hitachi storages - Netbackup SA -
                                                   Development  (No deeply
as I do not use on daily bases but enough to use it on slowly
development/contribution on tools I needed)
    Why you're joining: I'm a open source/free software enthusiast. I get
benefits and try to give them backs on daily basis working with the
    What you're looking to do (be specific) : working/validate the latest
technology on the field - get ideas/requirements and try to make it
possible trying to integrate

different products/technologies (as a big puzzle).
    Skill to improve: Development and integration skill
    How much time you can contribute (usually hours per week):  5-10

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