[release] pagure: 0.1.14

Pierre-Yves Chibon pingou at pingoured.fr
Mon Jun 15 15:44:53 UTC 2015

Good morning everyone,

I have just released and pushed a new version of pagure: 0.1.14

The changelog is pretty big and quite a number of bugs have been fixed and RFE
Here it is:
* Fri Jun 12 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <pingou at pingoured.fr> - 0.1.14-1
- Update to 0.1.14
- Remove all new lines characters from the ssh key uploaded
- Adjust the URL in the footer to point to https://pagure.io/pagure
- Fix displaying the time of a comment
- Forbid the use of spaces in group name
- Do not get the list of not-merged commits if there is only 1 branch in the
- Display the error message if pagure.lib.add_group raises an exception
- Add a new setting enforcing that all commits in a PR are signed-off by their
- Enforce that all commits are signed-off by the author if the repo is
  configured for this
- Also check for the signed-off status before merging a pull-request
- Adjust online-editing to allow specifying which email address to use in the
- Add an avatar_email field to projects
- Change the PullRequest's status from a Boolean to a Text restricted at the DB
  level (Allows to distinguish Open/Merged/Closed)
- Show in the pull-request view who merged the pull-request
- Specify who closed the pull-request in the API output
- Catch GitError when merging and checking merge status of a PR
- Hide the form to create pull-requests if the user is not an admin of the repo
- Replace the Pull-Request button by a Compare button if the user it not a repo
- Set the title of the tab as URL hash to allow directly linking to it
- Adjust the API to be able to distinguish API authentication and UI
- Fix API documentation to create new issues
- Drop the status from the requirements to open a new issue via the API
- Expand the list of blacklisted project names
- Have the code tags behave like pre tags (html tags)
- Allow project to specify an URL and display it on their page
- Strip the ssh keys when writing them to the authorized_keys file
- Disable javascript in all the markdown fields
- Validate early the input submitted in the forms (using more or less strict
- If the session timed-out, redirect to the setting page after authentication
  and inform the user that the action was canceled
- Catch PagureException when adjusting the project's settings
- Redirect the /api endpoint to the api documentation place
- Fix how is retrieved the list of emails to send the notification to
- Sanitize the html using bleach to avoid potential XSS exploit
- Do not give READ access to everyone on the tickets and pull-requests repos to
  avoid leaking private tickets
- Adjust the unit-tests for all these changes

Hope you like it!

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