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Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Thu Jun 25 19:55:44 UTC 2015

On Thu, 25 Jun 2015 21:45:10 +0200
Mikolaj Izdebski <mizdebsk at> wrote:

> As briefly discussed today during the meeting, I would like to
> evaluate the possibility to use our packaged Jenkins in Fedora
> infrastructure, instead of upstream binaries. (Jenkins is
> available[1] in Fedora 21 and later.)
> To get started with development of new Jenkins machines I would need
> someone to create 2 new cloud machines: master with Fedora 22 and with
> any OS (RHEL 6 would be my choice), each machine with at least 1 CPU,
> 2 GB RAM, public IP and root access for me (FAS: mizdebsk).

Also, probibly we want a persistent volume for data?

> From that I will try to come with my proof-of-concept of "the new
> Jenkins". If people like it then old data can be migrated and it can
> become the new production instance. If not we can just scratch these
> machines and keep using upstream binaries.
> So if you don't mind I'd start working on this.
> Should I open a ticket for creating the new cloud instances?

Sure. :) 
> Some more technical notes:
> 1) It is possible to use third-party plugins with packaged Jenkins,
> which means that missing plugins can be installed as binary blobs
> until they are packaged in Fedora.

> 2) Jenkins RPMs must be installed only on master node. All slave nodes
> can connect to master and download Jenkins code from there. Slaves
> still need to have basic environment installed (such as Java, git,
> mock), but not Jenkins itself. This means that only the master node
> must be Fedora 21+, slaves can be anything (RHEL 6/7, older Fedoras).
Which is great, as we don't need then to package it for everything
also. I guess it also makes the slaves simpler. 

> 3) Michal Srb is currently looking into packaging Jenkins as software
> collection for RHEL 6 and 7. Once (and if) done this could allow
> having RHEL 7 master, with the disadvantage of using "unofficial"
> RPMs from This is just the beginning and we
> can evaluate having non-Fedora master later, if needed.
> [1]

I'd prefer the Fedora master over using SCL's personally. 

Of course it means we will need to upgrade the master every 6 months or
year, but hopefully that won't be too bad if everything is packaged in


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