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Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Fri Jun 26 15:10:21 UTC 2015


I've been working on a new rhel7/ansible version of our current This is complicated somewhat by this being one of our
oldest services and one of the first ones added to puppet so many long
years ago.

I'm heading out for vacation saturday and will be gone until the
following saturday, so I don't want to do any migration right now in a
hurry, but it's going to be on my radar right when I get back. 

Toward that end, I have the new instance up and available: - -

If you all get a chance, please do try and login and then reply to this
thread with any issues you run into. Things you cannot do that you
expect to or cannot do but can on the 'production' version. I'll take a
look at these items after I get back and fix them up before we migrate

Note that very likely I will re-install and re-sync content before we
move this live. 

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