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> On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 2:56 PM, Kevin Fenzi <kevin at> wrote:
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> >> Hi Infrastructure,
> >
> > Hello. :)
> >
> >> As part of the on-going Council updates, I'm organizing a Fedora
> >> Engineering update.  This includes the various WGs, rel-eng,
> >> infrastructure, and a few others.  The idea behind this is to give
> >> a brief update of the work your group is doing towards the F23 and
> >> F24 releases.  Think of this as a 5-10 minute "lightning talk" of
> >> the highlights you want to see in those releases.
> >>
> >> The meeting is July 7th.  It would be excellent if you could have a
> >> volunteer present the update for your group and stay around to
> >> answer any questions.  Worst case, please gather the information
> >> and send it to me and I can do the overview, but representation
> >> from the group is clearly preferred.
> >>
> >> If you have questions, please let me know.  The idea and format are
> >> somewhat new, so we'll work through this as best we can.
> >
> > Sure, I can put something together (with help from others).

So, I am going to be out next week, then this is the following week, so
I thought I would work a bit on it today and ask people to chime in
while I am gone so we can hopefully have everything collected in time
for me to present on the 7th. ;) 

So, here's my outline of items to mention/talk about. I've divided them
into 4 areas: "asap" "f23" "f24" and "longer term". 

asap - items we are hoping to do very soon/before f23 really gets
going too much: 

* mailman3 rollout (some few lists migrated, some bugs to fix before we
  do the rest)
* bodhi2 rollout (almost set in staging).

f23 - Things in the f23 cycle, may need to be done outside of freezes.

* secondary arch pulled into infrastructure (s390/ppc/aarch64). 
* pilot app using containers/atomic/new tech. 
* finish migrating to new cloud, retire old, make more use of new. 
* mediawiki migration to new LTS version
* finish puppet -> ansible migration (15 hosts left right now)
* mostly finish el6->el7 migrations

f24 - Things to do in the f24 cycle.

* Have enough info to see if Red Hat Storage might be viable for us
  moving forward, try pilot. 
* finish el6 -> el7 migration.
* fas3 and a plan if we can move to freeipa/etc or need to start on

longer term - things for f25+

* There may someday be a datacenter move, I am planning on having plans
  and what parts we can move when written up before that happens so we
  can be ready. 

* 2fa for web apps and command line stuff?

So, what did I miss and when should it be in this list?

Feedback welcome. 

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