Thoughts and question about MM2's UMDL script

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Fri Jun 26 19:45:01 UTC 2015

On Fri, 26 Jun 2015 21:00:37 +0200
Adrian Reber <adrian at> wrote:


> > > * Readable status of directories
> > > The Directory table has a 'readable' property, none of our
> > > directories is not readable.
> > > 
> > > Question is: what is the use-case for this boolean?
> > 
> > Could it be for when we have a release about to come out, but it's
> > not readable to the public yet? Typically we stage a release on
> > friday and until the actual release on tuesday the directory isn't
> > open, only mirrors with the acls can sync it. 
> Yes, that's also what I remember about it. Although I am not sure if
> we still need it. As we bitflip much earlier we have the chance to
> crawl everything before the release. The last few releases we even
> didn't use the data under releases but under development for the
> first few weeks. So this functionality has become pretty useless with
> the current release mechanism.

I'm not sure I agree. ;) 

We stage a release friday with the directory closed. 
True, we have been doing the bit-flip sooner, but usually it's late
monday night so more mirrors will be synced for the release tuesday

So, if we remove this, what happens friday->monday night? 
ie, what does property do? Does it use the info for seeing if something
is up to date, or just if it's set it doesn't give out metalinks with
those paths? or ?

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