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"François Cami" fdc at
Thu Aug 12 09:12:15 UTC 2010

Hi there,

On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 00:49, Kevin Fenzi <kevin at> wrote:
> At our last meeting we decided to setup this mailing list, and also
> look at perhaps setting up a trac instance for feedback. I haven't
> asked for the trac instance yet, as we aren't sure how we will use it.
> So, what do people want to do?
> Some possible ideas:
> a) Just use this list for feedback. Sadly, that will likely result in
> flamewars from people who aren't being constructive and/or people who
> aren't taking criticism well. Since this would be public, there might
> be ill will from people who air their dirty laundry who regret it
> later down the road.  We could moderate flamewars, but then we need to
> know when to do so.

Flamewars will happen. Moderating may cause more damage than good.

> b) Setup a trac instance for people to file tickets. One advantage of
> this is that we could force a template. This could point them to the
> FAQ page, note that they should be constructive, ask for specific logs
> or other information that people just posting to a list wouldn't
> provide a lot of the time and ask them what outcome they are trying to
> achieve. We still need to decide who triages the tickets.

I still think this is the best option, for a few reasons:
* feedback ticket creation is painless (no ML subscription required)
* a template can gently push requests into being constructive with
  all the data we need to act on them.
* it's much harder to start a flamewar on a trac instance than on a
  mailing list.
* we won't be able to easily keep track of all previous requests if
  we do not use something database-backed (think a few years in the
* It's also easier to point at a trac ticket, or to ask people to
  search for duplicate requests before entering a ticket, than to
  scour the mailing list archives.

I'm obviously all for the trac instance. If we don't think keeping a
good ticket database is important, we could start with the
mailing-list though, and see what happens.



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