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#59: Thank you
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 Thank you all for the support on #fedora , very nice channel.

 Thanks to support from people in this channel I have been able to have
 bugs squished via bug reports.

 I have been lurking in the fedora community for some time, and will try to
 be more active on #fedora.

 I am still on a learning curve with gnome as I usually use xfce and am
 thus new to both gnome and gnome 3.

 One small request, I understand it is hard, but the trolling on gnome 3
 gets old fast. I do not mind someone blowing off steam as they are
 frustrated, but, I would prefer more support and less trolling.

 Perhaps direct people who wish to discuss the merits, or shortcomings of
 gnome 3 to an alternate, off topic channel.

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