[irc-support-sig] #62: public scolding about minor FAQ compliance should be re-thought

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Thu Jun 16 20:20:27 UTC 2011

#62: public scolding about minor FAQ compliance should be re-thought
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Comment (by duffy):

 "Instead, Ben decided not to engage you, more power to him for moving the
 situation forward. "

 No, the conversation continued privately.

 "I think this ticket is aimed at a specific nick-changing incident? could
 be wrong though:-) "

 No, it's not. It's in response to multiple things I've witnessed over the
 past few weeks of being in the channel. See the other ticket I filed (I
 think it was ticket 56) where someone was refused help until they stopped
 cutting their lines slightly short -it turned out the person had an issue
 with their display that preventing them from typing longer lines.

 "Sooo, if I read this correctly, when he politely asked you to read the
 channel FAQ, and you abruptly refused...this refusal and defiance should
 have been done in a /pm from yourself to Ben?"

 Please read Freenode's advice without the specific lens of a previous
 petty flamewar you've already stated you have no desire to drudge up.
 (Please stop doing that, please. You said you weren't going to. Please.)

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