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#61: nick change policy is incongruent with other #fedora- channel conventions
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Comment (by pfrields):

 Replying to [comment:2 duffy]:
 > I think it's not really feasible to change the nick changing conventions
 across all #fedora- channels, let alone the many upstream development
 channels I'm a part of. It's just not going to happen and is not a viable
 solution if you want folks involved in other areas of Fedora to
 participate in #fedora. It seems to serve to maintain the insular status

 This is an important point, because one of the most frequent issues
 #fedora helpers have stated repeatedly in the past is that they would like
 more participation there (and thus sharing of the load).

 > I do not understand why nick changes can't be silenced, either with a
 channel setting or individual's client settings if they are that

 In some clients they can be silenced (like irssi); others aren't as smart.
 Fedora friends who frequent a substantial number of channels do have a
 right to be able to inform their collaborators and teammates of their
 status in some way. This can either be done with a nick change (tom_afk)
 or by setting an away message (/away Back tomorrow 2011-07-01).  Abusing
 either is annoying and should be dealt with firmly but fairly.
 Disallowing both is unfair to people who are active collaborators.

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