[irc-support-sig] #80: Fedora IRC Channel

Robert 'Bob' Jensen bob at fedoraunity.org
Thu Nov 3 01:30:46 UTC 2011

----- "Chris Punches" <punches.chris at gmail.com> wrote:

> It is absolutely disgusting that this bjensen is so continuously
> assigned as arbiter to these tickets when so many of these complaints
> are about his own behavior. When are one of you guys going to step in
> and get that guy out of there? This was obviously yet another instance
> of a conflict of interest. The logs are public for that channel iirc
> and we know bjensen was present for the conversation that resulted in
> the complaint, so instead of posting logs he just closes the ticket!
> How's that for accountability?

I've not closed this ticket, it is open and always has been. You have an ax to grind against me. So be it but don't lie. I have no regrets closing your tickets in the past asking you to file them properly. None what so ever. 

-- Bob

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