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#95: kudos for #fedora
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 = phenomenon =

 After consulting the oracle (google), I still couldn't find the answer to
 my question and turned to #fedora.  Per usual, everyone was very helpful
 and polite.  They answered my question accurately and were able to direct
 me to some additional reading material, which I found most helpful.

 = reason =

 [23:39] <notinachos> while working with netcat, it got me reading about
 network socket programming in bash.  seems /dev/tcp and /dev/udp are MIA
 though (i'm running F16).  does fedora use something else, or is this
 [23:39] <[R]> they dont actually exist
 [23:39] <[R]> its virtual
 [23:39] <notinachos> ahh
 [23:41] <notinachos> awesome, running the examples returned the expected
 results.  thanks [R] ;)
 [23:43] <fenrus02> see also, /topic #bash and

 = recommendation =

 I see [R] and fenrus02 in channel everyday helping people, but I'm sure
 it's not everyday that somebody stops to thank them.  Just wanted to let
 you know it's appreciated guys ;)

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