[fedora-java] Eclipse SDK tests with OpenJDK 7

Andrew Overholt overholt at redhat.com
Thu Aug 11 13:25:22 UTC 2011


I built [1] and ran the Eclipse SDK tests with OpenJDK 7 [2].  The
results [4] aren't bad (we didn't have 0 failures/errors before):

+24 failures
+1 in core.tests.resources (AutomatedTests)
+13 in JavaModelTests
-7 in jdt.debug.tests (AutomatedSuite)
-2 in jdt.ui.tests (AutomatedSuite)
+15 in ApiToolsPluginTestSuite
+1 in PDEBuildTestSuite
+3 in SessionTests

+11 errors
+5 in ApiToolsTestSuite
+1 in P2TestSuite
+1 in UiTestSuite
+1 in SessionTests
+3 in PDEBuildTestSuite

I was trying 3.7.0 which was released pre-Java 7 so I'd like to think
that at least some of the new issues will go away with 3.7.1 (which will
also include Java 7 language support).

For the Fedora audience:  I'd like to get 3.7.1 and friends (Indigo SR1)
into Fedora 16 but due to timelines it looks like it'll have to be a
zero-day update since 3.7.1 comes out after the F16 beta release [5, 6].

If anyone feels like triaging some of the failures, I'd be more than
happy to guide you and help get the fixes upstream.


I had to bootstrap with OpenJDK 6 due to some target=jsr14 differences
in OpenJDK 7.  This isn't a problem but I haven't committed anything to
eclipse-build [2] yet so my results are not easily reproducible.


$ java -version
java version "1.7.0_b147"
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (fedora-0.1.20110803.fc17-x86_64)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 21.0-b17, mixed mode)

3.7.0 results with OpenJDK 6:

3.7.0 results with OpenJDK 7:



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