[fedora-java] Maven plugin to simplify spec %install section

Carlo de Wolf cdewolf at redhat.com
Tue Sep 11 12:49:30 UTC 2012

On 09/11/2012 02:43 PM, Stanislav Ochotnicky wrote:
> Quoting Mikolaj Izdebski (2012-09-11 14:33:47)
>>> Yet another option is including it with javapackages-tools which
>>> contains rpm-packaging support already although not Maven specific. I
>>> see no problem with adding Maven-specific plugin even if
>>> javapackages-tools don't require Maven. The plugin is not going to be
>>> used outside Maven java artifacts anyway...
>> Let's say the script that invokes my plugin would be called mvn-rpminstall.
>> Why mvn-rpmbuild would be part part of maven package, while mvn-rpminstall
>> part of javapackages-tools? Both are Fedora-specific extensions to upstream
>> Maven. For me it would be the best to package them in the same fashion.
> Indeed looking from that POV it looks sensible to put it in Maven. I am
> looking at it from my knowledge of patches that Maven itself carries.
> mvn-rpmbuild directly depends on those patches while mvn-rpminstall does
> not (AFAIK). In the end it's not *that* important since Maven pulls in
> javapackages-tools through jpackage-utils dependency anyway. I just
> wanted to keep our Maven package simple and close to upstream content.
> I basically boils down to: which option will confuse packagers and
> downstream distributions using our Java stack less...
If it is a clean plugin it could just be a separate package depending on 
That way everything stays as clean as it currently is.


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