[fedora-java] XtreemFS on Fedora

Renich Bon Ciric renich at woralelandia.com
Mon Sep 17 13:29:14 UTC 2012

Hello guys!

I'm interested in packaging XtreemFS for Fedora. They're BSD and the
project pretty good; even if it's java-based; it works fine with
openjdk. It's a EU project, it seems.

I'm not proficient in java but I have been using this one and know it well.

And, besides, the developers are very friendly and all. They, also,
have RPMs for F16:

I'd love it if somebody proficient in java would join to help co-maintain.

I will send an email just like this one to the devel  list. Please,
forgive the repost.

It's hard to be free... but I love to struggle. Love isn't asked for;
it's just given. Respect isn't asked for; it's earned!
Renich Bon Ciric


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