[fedora-java] Changes in maven packaging

Mikolaj Izdebski mizdebsk at redhat.com
Tue Jan 22 13:05:18 UTC 2013

In addition to upstream Apache Maven maven package provides some
Fedora-specific modifications that are useful for buidling RPM
packages. Those include mvn-rpmbuild and mvn-local scripts as well as
Fedora-specific patches.

Maven maintainers in Fedora decided to split Fedora specific parts from
upstream Maven. Since Fedora 19 maven package will be divided into 2

1. maven. This package will contain upstream Maven without any
   modifications or with absolutely minimal modifications. This package
   will provide /usr/bin/mvn executable.

2. maven-local. This package will contain Fedora-specific extensions for
   Maven such as local resolver allowing to build RPM packages from
   artifact available in the system instead of downloading it from
   central repository. This package will provide /usr/bin/mvn-local and
   /usr/bin/mvn-rpmbuild executables.

Packages in Fedora Rawhide that use mvn-rpmbuild during build will need
to start requiring maven-local instead of maven. Packages that use
mvn-rpmbuild but don't have "BuildRequires: maven-local" will likely
fail to build. I will consider automatically migrating all Java packages
from maven to maven-local during a mass-rebuild (this will be announced
later). Packages in older Fedoras (17 and 18) can also start
build-requiring maven-local instead of maven, but that's not
obligatory. It's just a simplification for packagers that want to share
one spec file between multiple Fedora releases.

Besides that internal implementation of mvn-rpmbuild and mvn-local
scripts is going to change soon. Only implementation was changed, public
interface is the same, so there should be no need for any changes in
packages that use mvn-rpmbuild. I have tested the new mvn-rpmbuild
script by rebuilding many major Java packages, but undiscovered bugs are
possible. Any bugs related to new implementation of mvn-local and
mvn-rpmbuild scripts should be reported against maven-local package
(component in Bugzilla: javapackages-tools). We'll try to resolve them

Mikolaj Izdebski
Fedora Maven maintainer

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