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Mario Torre neugens at limasoftware.net
Sat May 25 10:05:50 UTC 2013

Il giorno 24/mag/2013, alle ore 21:48, Rahul Sundaram <metherid at gmail.com> ha scritto:
> Hi
> What is the status of JavaFX?  Is it under a suitable license?  Will it be included in Fedora?  Thanks
> Rahul

JavaFX is proprietary software, OpenJFX however is the Open Source version, and the license is the same as OpenJDK, so I would say it will be certainly included at some point. When exactly depends on two things:

1. When all the bits will be released

Currently is not fully open yet, this is a showstopper.

2. When OpenJDK 8 will be ready

OpenJFX depends on OpenJDK 8, so I will start packaging it one it's ready for prime time, although if I'm correct we do already distribute OpenJDK 8 as a preview in Fedora 19, so this would be less of a problem.

There's an effort to make OpenJFX compatible with Java 7 syntax, but I didn't have time to help them yet. This maybe an interesting interim solution, but it still requires some closed bits which again is the real issue.

Things are moving fast though, so I'm confident the answer to "when" is soon.

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