[fedora-java] Packaging tomcat shell scripts

Robert Rati rrati at redhat.com
Tue Oct 22 15:59:24 UTC 2013

The lack of the tomcat shell scripts is causing issue with hadoop and 
some of their ecosystem packages.  Some are webapps with custom 
configuration.  The maven builds all create a tomcat install area with 
their custom configurations.  It's not too hard to take that and adapt 
to fedora's tomcat if the schell scripts were packaged.  Then these 
services could be stopped/started with systemd like other services.

That's assuming catalina.sh and friends are present and functional. :)


On 10/21/2013 04:42 PM, Dridi Boukelmoune wrote:
> Hi,
> The catalina.sh script work with the $CATALINA_HOME (tomcat binaries)
> and $CATALINA_BASE (tomcat instances) directories. My guess is that
> tomcat is packaged as a native (previously sysvinit, and now systemd)
> service, and that instances wouldn't make sense. Other scripts like
> startup.sh are just sugar wrappers to the catalina.sh script.
> When I say it wouldn't make sense, I mean that it was probably
> packaged to feel like any other server:
> sudo service tomcat start
> or
> sudo systemctl start tomcat
> The package probably owns directories in /var (or somewhere else) that
> would make it multi-instance unfriendly.
> The catalina.sh script also expects sub-directories in $CATALINA_HOME
> and $CATALINA_BASE. I suspect that tomcat explodes the directory
> layout (in /usr, /var, maybe /etc) in order to be FHS compliant, which
> would probably break catalina.sh and its friends.
> I'll install tomcat and take a look at the package ASAP.
> Dridi
> On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 9:07 PM, Robert Rati <rrati at redhat.com> wrote:
>> I logged a bz (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=990588) to
>> request that the tomcat shell scripts (catalina.sh and the rest) be
>> packaged.  I've had some discussions with the person the bz is assigned to
>> and few others, but no one knows why the scripts were not packaged. Nor, it
>> seems, does anyone see a problem with them being packaged as far as I can
>> tell.
>> Does anyone know some history here?
>> Rob
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