[fedora-java] Heads-up: Upcoming netty major version update in Rawhide (Will Break Stuff)

Jon VanAlten jvanalte at redhat.com
Tue Oct 29 16:42:12 UTC 2013

> P.S. I *really* hope that at the end of all this we are not left with *two*
> compat packages for netty, ie I hope that either eucalyptus is able to port
> or that all of the others are able to port, or even better both of the
> above.
> I'm currently working on making Eucalyptus 3.3.2 available in Fedora 18/19,
> and this version still requires the netty31 compat package. Version 3.4.0 of
> Eucalyptus, which was just released, had its dependency on netty updated to
> 3.6.6. It required a fair amount of internal changes to make that update
> possible, so updating yet again to netty 4.0 may be difficult. I'll be
> starting work on Eucalyptus 3.4.0 in rawhide soon and can try using your
> srpm when available. So, netty 4.0 is a maybe and netty31 won't be needed
> for Eucalyptus in rawhide.

Ah, very good thanks for the update.  Glad to hear we'll be able to drop
netty31 from rawhide.  Just to be clear, I don't plan to maintain any compat
package for netty; if (and I agree this is likely to be difficult) 4.0 is
not a reasonable option then it'll be up to someone else (maybe you?) to
create compat package for 3.6.6 once the update is pushed.  I'll communicate
loudly as this time approaches, so that nobody is caught off guard.


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