[fedora-java] WildFly status (and future) in Fedora

Marek Goldmann mgoldman at redhat.com
Fri Aug 7 09:13:44 UTC 2015


It's been long time since I talked to you guys. There are many reasons
for it, but most important one is that I was pulled to do some of the
Docker work on the Middleware side and I simply had no time :/ Even
worse, I do not see the end.

WildFly is in a pretty bad state now, sadly. New versions (8.2.0.Final
and later 9.0.0.Final and of course 9.0.1.Final) are avialable since a
while but it the package has not been updated. I did some work to make
it happen:


But then I was pulled back to the other work and it basically died.

The current status is a result mostly because of lack of my time, but
also no joy with dealing with such a fragmetized beast. The single
distribution was split into pieces and currently the WildFly depenency
chain contains around 200 packages, whereas I'm alone maintaing about
130 of them (if you want to take a look at packages I maintain:
https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/packager/goldmann/). When I was
working only on packaging of JBoss AS (and later WildFly) this was
doable, but in current situation - I'm not able to maintain it anymore.
It's really sad to see how this energy put into this effort is now

There are currently many bugs reported against my packages (WildFly
deps), but I just don't have time to fix them making some people upset,
which is of course not my intention. Gil is helpful as always sending
some patches, but I don't even have time to look at them :( Basically -
maintaining WildFly is a full time work for one person.

I need an advice from you guys how to proceed in a best way with this
stuff, since I'm not closely following the Java world in Fedora anymore
(sorry!) maybe I'm missing some obvious solutions.

Orphaning WildFly (and other packages) is the last thing I want to do,
but I'll do it if we'll not find any solution.

So, here we are, let's talk!


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