[fedora-java] How to build java packages with gradle-local?

Roman Mohr roman at fenkhuber.at
Tue Dec 1 07:43:25 UTC 2015


I am currently trying to package some java projects which use gradle and I
am suck on how to use gradle in offline mode. The Java HOWTO says that I
can use the gradle-local command which should be part of the gradle-local
package[1]. But at least on Fedora 22 there is no such command inside that

I also tried to build the packages then just with 'gradle -s --offline' to
see if this might already find the jars from other RPMs but that does not
seem to be the case.

Any help on how to build something with gradle-local would be very much


[1] https://fedorahosted.org/released/javapackages/doc/#gradle
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