[fedora-java] XMvn 2.5.0 release notes

Mikolaj Izdebski mizdebsk at redhat.com
Wed Oct 28 17:09:48 UTC 2015

What's new in XMvn 2.5.0

XMvn 2.5.0 was released on 2015-10-28.  Most important changes

* Major features

  * XMvn Gradle plugin

    XMvn Gradle plugin was implemented in version 2.5.0.  When
    applied on a project, this plugin automatically configures
    repositories in local mode, so that project dependencies can be
    resolved from system repository.  It also provides
    <<<xmvnInstall>>> task, which can be used to install artifacts
    produced by the build with XMvn Installer.

  * Custom buildroot option for XMvn Subst

    XMvn Subst now accepts a new option, <<<--root>>>, which
    specifies buildroot from which XMvn should resolve artifacts, in
    addition to standard locations.  This option can be used for
    symlinking JARs produced during build.  (Bug: 1226251)

* Major bugfixes

  * Builddep MOJO fixes

    Builddep MOJO was rewritten from scratch.  The new code is more
    generic and supports many corner case in which the previous
    version produced incorrect results (bugs: 1217422, 1217425,
    1217462, 1217473).

* Minor features

  * Warning when builddep MOJO is ran with pure Maven

    XMvn builddep MOJO 2.5.0 will print a warning when it's ran
    outsides of XMvn.

  * Allowing manifacs injection for invalid JAR files

    OpenJDK has a sanity check that prevents adding duplicate
    entries to ZIP streams.  When trying to inject manifests to JAR
    files with duplicate entries XMvn would previously fail with
    "ZipException: duplicate entry".  XMvn 2.5.0 added a workaround
    that allows manifest injection to such invalid JAR files.

* Minor bugfixes

  * GradleResolver crash when resolving tools.jar

    XMvn 2.5.0 fixes a bug that caused Gradle resolver crash when
    trying to resolve tools.jar artifact.

  * Crash when effective POM generation failed

    XMvn 2.5.0 fixes a bug that caused crash with
    NullPointerException uppon failure to generate effective POM.

  * Slashes in effective POM names are replaced with dots

    XMvn versions prior to 2.5.0 would try to create effective POM
    files with artifactID as name, even if it contain slash
    character.  XMvn 2.5.0 fixes this bug.

* Other changes

    XMvn 2.5.0 drops support for rarely-used compatibility
    configuration suffixes.

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