NetworkManager Applet goes rogue

Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Mon Aug 31 08:51:32 UTC 2009

On Monday 31 August 2009 09:24:40 Thomas Janssen wrote:
> 2009/8/31 Anne Wilson <cannewilson at>:
> > On my netbook (F11 updated to last night), over the last week or so I've
> > seen a few times the NetworkManager applet leaves the system try and
> > parks on the desktop.  Presumably I should file a bug, but is this a NM
> > bug or a Plasma bug?
> Should be a NM bug since i can see that with a other Distro and a
> different DE as well (yes, my son is curious and uses different
> Distros/DE's).

So that's not a Fedora bug, either, but a KDE one.  OK.  I'll try to get to it 
today.  If you do it, please post the bug no. here.

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