KMail replies don't quote

Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Mon Feb 2 20:59:56 UTC 2009

On Monday 02 February 2009 20:50:47 Rex Dieter wrote:
> On Monday 02 February 2009 2:02:46 pm Anne Wilson wrote:
> > I used the F10 netbook all day yesterday and KMail was working then.
> > Now, hitting Reply brings up a compose screen, but it does not quote
> > anything. Even if you highlight test, nothing is quoted.
> >
> > Rex - do you want bug reports for this and the konqueror issue?
> Not sure, seems to work fine here too (replying here with kontact/kmail).
Every one of the templates was set to %BLANK.  I've got the Mandriva laptop 
beside me, so I've set them up from there.  This reply is using the repaired 
kmail :-)

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