Sound gets confused with usb microphone plugged in.

Gar gar.nelson at
Sun Feb 15 23:34:09 UTC 2009

I have a Shuttle XPC, specs are here and a Dell SP2208WFP Monitor.  The sound on the computer is via an onboard  Realtek ALC888DD and the monitor has a usb OmniVision Tech. microphone in addition to the usb OmniVision camera built into it. I'm running Fedora 10 with a KDE login manager, and a KDE desktop. The system is up to date as of yesterday.

Here's the problem. 
If I boot the computer with everything plugged in, the only thing the mixer sees is the microphone. No other audio devices appear. Obviously, no sound output.

If I unplug the Dell usb cable from the monitor, then the onboard audio system (RealTek) is recognized and works fine. I can plug the Dell monitor usb cable in after my login completes, and I can get the camera and the microphone back. The mixer tabs are "HDA NVidia" and "Monitor Webcam (SP2208WFP)" at that point.

It would be nice to leave everything plugged in, and still have it all work, but for whatever reason, the system seems to think that the microphone built into the monitor is a priority to the exclusion of all else. I have a work-around, unplugging the usb cable, hopefully it is just a work-around, and not a final solution. ;)


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