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José Matos jamatos at fc.up.pt
Mon Feb 23 10:42:55 UTC 2009

On Monday 23 February 2009 10:30:11 Eli Wapniarski wrote:
> Why are you caching imap. Do you need to carry the mail offline? Why not
> simply leave it on the server.

I leave it on the server it just happens that I also have a local copy. :-)

I had several problems when using just imap due to the latency in the 

The latency in imap is noticeable if you are reading a large message, you have 
to wait for the message to be downloaded. At the same time if you are skimming 
over small messages just as I do in several folders (like cvslog for Fedora) 
it gets easy to notice the delay.

Some of the imap accounts that I use have not so generous quotas (this one I 
am using has 512 MB) that means that sometimes I have to move locally messages 
for larger folders. If I did this with imap kmail would slowdown for quite a 
large time with dimap it is reasonable and bearable.

And also sometimes I am in places with no connectivity and then it is quite 
nice to be able to read your email while I wait for the next train/plane.

kmail become useful again after using dimap. :-)

> Eli

José Abílio

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