Kmail just disappears

Claude Jones cjoneslists at
Mon Mar 23 12:38:59 UTC 2009

On Sat March 21 2009, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> When Kmail crashes, as it often does, it just goes "poof". Regardless
> of if run directly or via Kontact. With or without kdepim-debuginfo,
> and even if run from Konsole.
> As of tonight it crashed once, and now just won't open messages I
> click on, with no visible errors.

I've had this happen with individual messages. One message would be 
problematic, and it was a real pain to get around (I'd have to find a way to 
mark it read  without entering the folder or some such...) I can't say what 
fixed the issue, but, I would guess it may have been an update. 

Parenthetically, I'd gotten to the point where I was beginning to cast about 
for alternatives to Kmail, even though it's feature set makes it my favored 
email client. I even set up Evolution on a recent VM just to see if it had 
improved (it hadn't - so many little things in Kmail that makes it extremely 
configurable and fast are missing in Evolution). Several issues I've brought 
up on the list were beginning to drive me crazy, such as the extremely long 
indexing operation that went on everytime I entered a new folder (up to over 
ten seconds at one point, and I have about 30 folders in any given 
installation)... Suddenly, all these problem appear to have vanished. Kmail 
has stopped crashing, browsing from folder to folder has become nearly 
instantaneous, etc... I wish I could offer more, but, I haven't any idea why 
this has improved so dramatically...I will say that on this particular 
machine, I recently moved my drives from an older dual-core CPU with one GB of 
ram, to a much newer quad-core with 4 GB - it this is the sole reason for my 
Kmail issues going away, that says one thing. I'll have to check my other 
machines later to see if that's the case. 

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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