How to use strigi

Sonic get.sonic at
Mon Sep 7 15:53:34 UTC 2009

On 09/07/2009 08:12 PM, Anne Wilson wrote:
> We have a new userbase page -
> http:// which really
> explains things.  You'll see that my understanding of the subject was only
> partially correct, so we'll learn together :-)

Oh oh! This brings us back to the original discussion:
"To make finding files containing text easier, Nepomuk offers a second 
functionality: indexing the text of files. It uses a technology called 
Strigi for this. You can now also find files by entering some words 
which you know are in there, or just (part of) their title."

 From the above statement, I understand: Strigi is used to index the 
file contents, and Nepomuk provides the access point to locate the file.


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