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Sat Jul 3 20:33:02 UTC 2010

On Sat, Jul 3, 2010 at 10:18 PM, Eli Wapniarski
<eli at orbsky.homelinux.org> wrote:
> On Saturday 03 July 2010 22:49:46 Anne Wilson wrote:
>> On Friday 02 July 2010 18:04:54 Eli Wapniarski wrote:
>> > On Friday 02 July 2010 18:03:10 Rex Dieter wrote:
>> > > Christoph Kaulich wrote:
>> > > > just a short question, will there be a kdepim 4.5 beta1 build for
>> > > > fc13?
>> > >
>> > > When it is provided by it's upstream.
>> > >
>> > > Turns out just yesterday, some preliminary kdepim-4.5-beta1 tarballs
>> > > were provided to packagers, so we'll get to work on those, and get
>> > > into rawhide and kde-unstable asap.
>> >
>> > Errr.... What does that say about stability?  If I recall correctly there
>> > were serious issues with kdepim 4.5 that delayed the release with kde
>> > 4.5. Does that mean the developers think that they have been resolved?
>> > If not is it wise to include kdepim 4.5 so deep in the release cycle?
>> >
>> > Eli
>> The developers have said explicitly that it is a Technical Preview.  They
>> have asked that distros that choose to supply it should make that clear to
>> users, and that they should distribute the 4.4 version as standard in SC
>> 4,5, which means that you will be able to run the two in parallel, but
>> only if you explicitly choose to.
>> The migration path is fairly well tested, but if things do go wrong it is
>> possible to revert to using the 4.4 version.  However, it sounds a bit
>> complicated to me so I have asked the developers to help me write up a
>> clear explanation when the release gets nearer.
>> Anne
> As you noted Anne.... It is a technical review. However, as noted earlier
> kdepim 4.5 is schedualed to be brought along side packages being tested as
> part of the release cycle. Kdepim 4.5 is not schedualed for release. IMHO it
> is a mistake to include it within the framework of how kde-redhat has
> traditionally incorporated testing leading to final release. The last time kde
> released a botched kdepim the noise was horrific and very unpleasant.

Even you say *testing* (kde-testing) leading to final.

> Again in my humble opinion it belongs somewhere on the side. If individuals
> wish to test it then they would be able to do it by including the kde-redhat
> development repo. Leaving unstable clear for testing of packages schedualed
> for release.

What is not understandable on kde-unstable? Should it be named
Kdepim4.5 will be in kde-unstable.
EOT for me.

LG Thomas

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