Who the hell is rnovacek?

Radek Novacek rnovacek at redhat.com
Mon Jul 12 10:08:04 UTC 2010

Hello fedora-kde,

my name is Radek Nováček and I would like to inform you, that you will see me 
more often around KDE things in Fedora.

Few words about myself - I'm Red Hat employee (part time) and master degree 
student (Informatics at Brno University of Technology). I'm responsible (with 
other folks) for polkit-qt and polkit-kde things.

And what will I do? What will be needed for better fedora + kde experience ;) 
I already took watchbugzilla and watchcommits for most kde packages and maybe 
I will ask for commit rights when needed.

So, feel free to contact me if you have more questions or some tasks for me.

Radek Novacek

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