Dual monitor setup changes after logoff/on

Gene Smith gds at chartertn.net
Sat Apr 23 05:07:17 UTC 2011

I have two monitors (1600*1200) with DVI0 on right and DVI1 on left. 
DVI0 has the panel and begins at x,y = 1600,0 with DVI0 at 0,0 so the 
mouse moves horizontally across both monitors as expected. After doing 
this initial setup in KDE it worked fine for several days but I never 
logged off.

Then upgrade to kde 4.6.2 required logoff/on and the dual monitor 
configuration was not preserved and it returned to the original default 
(when moving mouse pointer on right monitor to the left edge it stops 
and if moved past right edge of right monitor it reappears on left edge 
of left monitor). Effectively this mean that DVI0 is at 0,0 and DVI1 is 
at 1600,0 which is probably the most used default. This time I reset the 
coordinates as described in my first paragraph and it worked correctly 
again. However, this time I decided to set this as the default hoping 
this would cause KDE or whatever to keep my settings after an X restart 
or logoff/on. (Note: The help screen for monitor setup in KDE is grayed 
out so not really sure what "set as default" really means.)

However, now after logoff/on the monitors come up "cloned" with the same 
stuff on both (and having the same coordinates I think). Again, using 
the monitor config KDE screen I was able to get my desired setup back.

There is probably a workaround to this such as reversing my monitor 
cables and setting the right monitor (now DVI1) to "primary" so it 
contains the panel. However, it still appears to be a bug that my 
settings are not preserved across reboots or logins.


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