KAddressBook problem

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Tue Nov 15 14:20:19 UTC 2011

Marko Vojinovic wrote:

> Maybe I can help with that part --- I have done fresh install of F16 only
> yesterday, and had to solve the problem of migrating my old mail from
> KMail1 to KMail2. Of course, I tried to do it the wrong way, and after
> some struggling I found out about Akonadi resources etc...
> Open systemsettings -> Akonadi Configuration. On the "Akonadi resources
> configuration" tab (the first one), you will find various "resources"
> listed. One of them should be called "Local Folders" and have an
> envelope-like icon on the left, indicating that it's about e-mails. If you
> select it and click "modify" button on the far right, a window will pop up
> with the information about the actual directory in the filesystem that
> corresponds to that "resource".

Thanks very much.

Actually I solved my problem, as I mentioned elsewhere,
by effectively doing what you suggest.
I just created a directory ~/Maildir
and was then able to enter KMail without the dreaded error message.
Then I did more or less what you suggest,
except that I did it within KMail,
by going to Settings=>Configure KMail=>Accounts,
clicking on Local Folder,
and specifying /home/tim/Maildir when asked 
"Select the folder containing the maildir information:"

The only sense I can make of this is that ~/Maildir
is the default place (or one of the default places)
where KMail2 looks for the Local Folders directory it wants.

But to me it appeared that I was guided by a superior intelligence
to create this directory, as I can't think of any rational reason
I had for doing it, except that I use a directory with that name
on a CentOS server to save my IMAP email.

Though if it was a superior intelligence at work
He might have suggested this a bit earlier,
as I had tried a thousand other things first ...

I had incidentally been to Akonadi Configuration,
though not from System Settings,
but all the relevant options seemed to be greyed out.

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