KAddressBook on a server?

Martin (KDE) kde at fahrendorf.de
Tue Apr 3 10:50:43 UTC 2012

Am 03.04.2012 11:48, schrieb Timothy Murphy:
> Kevin Kofler wrote:
>> As for the "Kolab client", it's basically the same thing as Kontact, which
>> we already ship in kdepim. (And yes, the latest Kolab client is also the
>> Akonadi-based Kontact, though they do have a branch based on the old pre-
>> Akonadi Kontact and even a KDE 3 branch too, which are maintained to some
>> extent, for their enterprise customers.)
> OK, thanks.
> I'll look again at Kontact, and see if it is possible 
> (in a relatively easy way) to use with contacts on a remote server.
> This seems to me such an obvious need that I am surprised 
> it does not get top priority in Fedora/KDE.
> I think I can say that if it is possible to do this in Fedora/KDE
> then it is certainly not obvious, or well-documented if documented at all.

I don't think that kolab is the right way to go here. It is bound to kde
stuff (there are clients for thunderbird but I don't know if they are
complete). If you want to sync with different types of clients and want
to use a web frontend you have to use a groupware server. Today I would
recommend a server which is capable of talking
- CalDAV (for calendar data)
- CardDAV (for contact data)
- imap (for mails)
- mapi (for Outlook - if needed)
- zPush/ActiveSync (for mobile clients)
- funambol (for mobile clients - if needed)

Initially this may be more work but in the end you can use a wide type
of clients.

- thunderbird (all platforms)
- iOS clients (they use xDAV)
- Mac clients (uses xDAV as well)
- android (with additional xDAV clients)
- mobile phones (with either zPush/ActiveSync or funambol)

As I already said: I use SOGo for this. It is not that hard to set up
(if you know how to setup an openLDAP server this should be easy).

My user admin is done by Gosa btw. a realy fine LDAP admin tool. This
tool is able to handle ldap address books as well.


> Currently I use an ugly mixture of openLDAP and Google contacts
> to make contacts available on my home network (including smart phones).
> But one of the problems with this is that there seems to be no direct way
> of adding contacts from within KMail or KAddressBook.
> Bizarrely, I can access my openLDAP contacts in KMail,
> but don't seem able to in Kontact or KAddressBook.
> (The Search facility in both the latter is extraordinarily bad.)
> Maybe something like phpMyAdmin or phpLDAPadmin to access and edit contacts
> on a server would be nice.

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