Kmail keep being stuck "Retrieving Folder Content"

Armelius Cameron armeliusc at
Thu Jan 5 16:14:13 UTC 2012

On Thursday, January 05, 2012 03:13:11 PM Laurent Rineau wrote:
> Le mercredi 04 janvier 2012 16:18:56 Armelius Cameron a écrit :
> > Apparently this happens when there is IMAP folders with large numbers of
> > messages (e.g. order of thousands). ...
> Me, also with huges folders (like you: those that contain mailing list
> messages).

So apparently this is just an overhead we have to pay with big folders...

I decided to let kmail does whatever it was doing in the seemingly stuck mode 
with "retrieving folder content" from a wired network (I was on a wireless 
before) and let it run it course. Eventually it finish and now it seems to 
behave better. 

As I replied to Rex, Kmail did not hung, but there was no indication it was 
doing anything either. Apparently it was doing something, probably trying to 
sync or cache the headers of all the messages since I set up from fresh. 
Probably there's a better solution to somehow inform the user that it's still 
doing something, and for e.g. prioritize to download and then show the message 
being selected before continuing to try caching everything else, then just 
showing the message "Retrieving folder content" for a loooong time.


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