USB installation of Fedora-17

Gilboa Davara gilboad at
Sun Jun 3 17:42:18 UTC 2012

On Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 4:40 PM, Timothy Murphy <gayleard at> wrote:

> I wonder if anyone has successfully installed Fedora-17 through a USB
> stick?
> I tried two ways - with the DVD iso, and with the KDE Live CD iso -
> on two machines, and met the same problem in all 4 cases:
> only half-a-dozen modules were listed by lsmod,
> and these did not include the ethernet or WiFi drivers.
> I believe that this was due to a grub2 problem,
> though I'm not sure about that.
> In both cases lspci saw the hardware devices,
> but they did not appear in /etc/udev/rules.d/ .
> It's possible there was a problem with my USB stick,
> though there was said to be a check in all cases.
> (I had checksum-med both ISOs.)
> I managed to install Fedora-17 on both machines
> with netinstall.iso on a CD .
> This went perfectly, after a couple of silly messages about floppies.
I dd'ed the full DVD (not the KDE LiveCD) into a 8GB USB and used to to
upgrade / fresh install F17 on multiple machines without issues. *

- Gilboa
* Beyond the notorious anaconda uses f16 kernel instead of f17 kernel
leading to KIA machine.
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