Announcing Dogtail 0.8.0 - both GNOME3 and KDE4 compatible

Vitezslav Humpa vhumpa at
Mon Jun 4 16:22:09 UTC 2012

Hi All!

After having dealt with a number of issues in these last few months, we
believe that the updated Dogtail, GUI test tool and automation
framework, has now reached a state when we can release it. So finally -
now more than two years after the last stable version - Dogtail 0.8.0
is out! It's already syncing into Fedora repositories, but you can also
get it here [1].

So what is new? Some of you might have noticed, that Dogtail was no
good since the release of Fedora 15. Thus most significantly, Dogtail
was ported to be compatible with new GNOME 3 technologies and now works
well again in major distributions centered around GNOME 3.

And as a new, thanks to qt-at-spi, Dogtail now supports QT too and it can
be used to test and automate KDE/QT applications as well! With QT
accessibility enabled you will see the complete UI trees of QT
applications as you were used to with GTK+ apps. KDE sessions are now
supported both for working and script running environment out of the
box with KDE 4.8.x and QT 4.8.2 onward. 

There were many more changes in Dogtail 0.8.0, you can find release
highlights in the release notes [2].

We are making the 0.8.x series of releases the GNOME 3 / KDE 4
compatible branch, but for all of you who are using GNOME 2 / GTK+ 2
based systems we are continuing the 0.7.x branch, having released a
bug-fixing update recently too [1].

We hope that all of you interested in GUI testing and automation will
be interested in using dogtail again for GTK+ and try it up for QT apps
too! Please don't hesitate to ask on IRC or write to the dogtail-list [3]
if you have any questions.




Vita Humpa
Desktop QE @ Red Hat

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