Kmail on 4.8.3, Fedora 17 is constantly closing due to a segfault 11

Eli Wapniarski eli at
Sun Jun 10 16:33:18 UTC 2012

On Sunday 10 June 2012 09:08:13 Rex Dieter wrote:
> On 06/10/2012 03:19 AM, Victor B. Gonzalez wrote:
> > It looks like you might be on to something. I don't load the external
> > references automatically so I decided to go click crazy in the pattern I
> > usually find myself crashing Kmail and it didn't crash.
> > 
> > I am guessing this is a known bug, any workarounds or is it being
> > addressed
> > and possibly fixed? I've got new ammo to google, thanks!
> In my experience, this is related to having and old (< 11.2 version)
> flash-plugin installed *and* defaulting konq to using webkit over khtml.
> Does this match your setup?
> (though having a backtrace could help confirm that or not)

However... Your first suggestion regarding a relationship between nepomuk and 
kmail seems to still hold. After switching of the cache and then configuring 
the ability to load external sources, kmail started to crash when I tried to 

After disabling and rebooting then enabling and rebooting kmail continued to 
crash when I replied.

I disabled nepomuk and rebooted, started kontact, hit reply and I was able to. 
But I got warning messages about features being disabled. I re-enabled nepomuk 
by clicking on the configure button on the warning message and I have had no 
problems since.

I am fully expecting kmail to begin crashing again at some point.


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