yum update from kde-testing broken packages due to dependency issues

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Mon Jun 11 21:40:54 UTC 2012

Am 11.06.2012 23:35, schrieb Christos Lazaridis:
> I tried to yum -update from the kde-testing repo and I got most of the 
> packages not updating due to broken dependencies. I tried to figure out what 
> the problem was from the yum output but I couldn't understand much. 
> Also, I don't get why some i686 packages are pulled (like pykde4) although I 
> have a 64-bit system.

this happens all the time on broken deps if yum thinks they
can be solved by pull i686 until it finds out that
it will not work

yum --skip-broken --exclude=\*i686 update

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