Shutdown on power button

Sonic get.sonic at
Wed Jun 13 14:37:12 UTC 2012


   I want KDE to handle the power button press event on my desktop. I 
have selected the appropriate option in System Settings > Power 
management > Button events handling > 'when power button is pressed'.
But it doesn't seem to have any effect on my Fedora 17 x86_64 system. 
When I press the power button, the system immediately powers down. I 
don't think KDE isn't even involved in the process. I have not tried to
do the experiment with any unsaved files open. But I have a feeling that 
I'll lose them.

Searching the internet, I found these reports for XFCE:

One solution 
is to edit /etc/acpi/events/power_button and (apparently) set it have no 
action. I have not tried it though. Wanted to check if there's anything 
I'm missing.

Does anyone else have this problem?



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