KMail/IMAP cannot add top-level folder

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Sat Jun 16 13:28:51 UTC 2012

Eli Wapniarski wrote:

>> When I click on a top-level account in KMail on an IMAP client,
>> the File->New->Add Folder option is greyed out,
>> although it is available to create a sub-folder of an existing folder.
>> I know I can create a new folder by creating a subdirectory .<whatever>
>> in ~/Maildir on the IMAP server; but is this really the only way?
>> Also: is there any way of re-ordering the folders in KMail ?
>> I created a new folder in the above fashion,
>> but it is listed out of alphabetical order.
> What IMAP server are you using cyrus-imap or dovecote? If you're using
> cyrus as I am then the root folder is the inbox and it works for me.

Thanks for your response.
I should have said I am running dovecot.

> If its dovecot, I believe that you can't add folders to the inbox, unless
> something has changed and there is a way to do that which I am not aware
> of. However, the root folder is the very top level of the tree structure,
> that is, the alias of email account. If you can't add a folder there, it
> may be bug in kmail.
> If it is someother external source, then we need more details about how
> you have worked in the past. IE have you been able to create folders from
> what your root folder is? I wish I could be of better help.

I'm not quite clear what you mean by the "root" folder.

My KMail setup (on a Fedora-17 laptop) is perhaps 
more complicated than usual, or than necessary?

I have 3 email "accounts" 
(as seen in KMail Settings=>Configure KMail=>Accounts):
"grover", "killeen" and "Local Folders".
The first two are servers I get email from.

When I run KMail I see these 3 accounts as top-level items
in the menu on the left.
The sub-items, eg "Family", under "grover" in the menu
correspond to folders in ~/Maildir/ on the server "grover"
(~/Maildir/.Family in this case).

The messages in "inbox" under "grover" are a little different.
They appear in the server in the folders 
~/Maildir/cur and ~/Maildir/new .

If I highlight "grover" in the KMail menu
I see that File=>New=>Add Folder is greyed out.
On the other hand, if I highlight "Family" (under "grover")
the "Add Folder" option is not greyed out,
and I can add a subfolder, eg "Anne", to "Family", under KMail.
I see that this adds a directory ~/Maildir/.Family.Anne/
on the server.

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