Coordinating with firsboot, anaconda

Miloslav Trma─Ź mitr at
Fri Jun 15 16:36:08 UTC 2012

it seems that not all relevant parties have been talking to each
other; if anyone else should be involved, please add them.

In short, a new Fedora feature was
proposed, replacing firstboot for the GNOME spin (only) and
integrating per-system and per-user configuration.

The original suggestion was for non-GNOME spins (including the DVD
installation) would continue using firsboot.

Now it turns out that anaconda plans to do more setup during the
initial installation (including setting up the clock and adding an
initial user), perhaps making all of firstboot unnecessary on non-live
installations.  OTOH for live-{CD,DVD} installations, the same
clock/user screens would be displayed in firstboot, sharing the code;
if "initial experience" plans to support firstboot screens, this (and
the presumed firstboot module API changes) would affect it.

Can you all talk to each other and figure out a definite plan, please?
 The integrated nature of IE goes against the "one installed system
with multiple installed desktop environments" concept, which is sort
of acceptable as long as both IE and firsboot have active maintainers,
but asking the user about the same things both in anaconda and IE
wouldn't do.

* Which settings/screens happen in anaconda?
* Which settings/screens move between anaconda and firsboot/IE (and
using what mechanism)?
* Which settings/screens happen both in firstboot and IE (and on which
installation paths)?  What code will be shared?
* Which settings will be governed by each desktop environment
individually?  How does the transition between per-system and per-user
settings happen if IE doesn't want the user to log in during the
* Which parts of the GNOME stack will have to be installed on
non-GNOME spins, or from the installation DVD when installing a
non-GNOME desktop only?
(and other things that I might have forgotten)

Thank you,

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