Can someone help me with a new Device Action?

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Thu Jun 28 02:14:15 UTC 2012

NRL wrote:

> Hi,
> Can someone tell me the correct command and parameter for a new action
> in the Device Actions? I'm not a programmer but have tried guessing
> several combinations. I really don't have a clue!
> What I would like to do is add an option to the pop up menu when I put a
> CD/DVD into the DVD drive. I would like an option for Dolphin to open up
> so I can easily view the files on CD/DVD's. I'm a recent convert from
> Windows and I have several hundred music CD's. I know there are several
> file types on audio CD's. I'd like to copy the FLAC and OGG files into
> my music directory. I'd also like to look at video files too.
> The name of the new command is: Open CD/DVD with File Manager
> I don't know what the command should be.
> I don't know what the parameters should be.

So, when I insert a data cd/dvd, I already get as one of the default actions 
from the kde device manager:
Open with File Manager

No need to do anything to achieve what you want here.

Fwiw, what controls this is stuff under
test-predicate-openinwindow.desktop, I believe in this case.

-- rex

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