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Fri Jun 29 08:58:40 UTC 2012

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> Hello,
> it seems that not all relevant parties have been talking to each
> other; if anyone else should be involved, please add them.
> In short, a new Fedora feature
> was
> proposed, replacing firstboot for the GNOME spin (only) and
> integrating per-system and per-user configuration.
> The original suggestion was for non-GNOME spins (including the DVD
> installation) would continue using firsboot.
> Now it turns out that anaconda plans to do more setup during the
> initial installation (including setting up the clock and adding an
> initial user), perhaps making all of firstboot unnecessary on
> non-live
> installations.  OTOH for live-{CD,DVD} installations, the same
> clock/user screens would be displayed in firstboot, sharing the code;
> if "initial experience" plans to support firstboot screens, this (and
> the presumed firstboot module API changes) would affect it.

Is it already known what's going to be part of Anaconda? Personally I
prefer no firstboot at all as it's causing a lot of troubles (we seen
a few before F17 release) and I like to see basic stuff settings in
Anaconda (with initial non-super user).

So I think - without knowing what's going to happen in Anaconda, it's
useless discussion right now. Maybe I missed this discussion, could
anybody from this team comment it?


> Thank you,
>     Mirek
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