KMail even worse

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Mon Mar 12 11:32:58 UTC 2012

Peter Gueckel wrote:

>> Is anyone except me still using KMail?

> Yes, I am using it as my only mail program and, yes, I have experienced an
> occasional crash, and, occasionally it just disappears without a crash
> notice. These crashes are rare, say once every few days, and I think I
> might have figured out how to avoid/minimize it: I allow all of the emails
> to fully download, until the 100% message at the lower right disappears,
> before clicking on any mail directories or individual emails. This seems
> to solve (not sure how to verity it) the problem, at least, almost all of
> the time.

I've been following this advice,
and I've had no problems with KMail2 for over 24 hours now (Touch wood),
which is probably an all-time record.
(I always used to start reading as soon as the number of new messages
came up.)

I've also stopped getting the message
(said to be from Plasma Desktop Shell) 
"Unknown error. (Unable to fetch item from backend)"
whenever I re-boot or login after hibernation.

Could these be related?
Or has there been some relevant yum-update since the enormous update
a few days ago?

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