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2012/10/12 Kevin Kofler <kevin.kofler at>

> Hi,
> in Fedora, we are interested in packaging Simon (it has been on our KDE
> package wishlist:
> since 2009), but so far licensing issues with both Julius and HTK have
> prevented this. Therefore, we are very interested in your PocketSphinx
> backend.
> Unfortunately, in your commit
> ,
> you
> removed support for building only the SPHINX backend, without the JHTK one.
> Why did you make that change? Is the SPHINX backend ready to be shipped?
> (Your
> GSoC report: sounds
> like
> it is, but the above commit looks otherwise.) Would it be acceptable to
> package a snapshot of Simon with only the SPHINX backend?
> (Please note that the kde@… mailing list is public and archived.)
>         Kevin Kofler

Hi Kevin,

I'm very glad that my project interested you!
I've made this change based on the fact that Simon has Julius & HTK only as
a runtime dependency.
So there is no sense just to disable to user ability to use Julius&HTK
backend. So by now you can freely build & run Simon without Julius&HTK. But
if user want to use Julius&HTK backend instead of Sphinx, Simon will tell
to user that he have to install Julius & HTK manually. And if user will do
it he will be able to use Julius & HTK backend also.
Good luck! I look forward to feedback and wishes for Sphinx backend.

Best regards,
Vladislav Sitalo
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