Problems with kernel updates needing non-kernel changes

Chuck Ebbert cebbert at
Thu Mar 22 18:22:31 UTC 2007

Jeremy Katz wrote:
>> 2) some modules may now work that were broken, but they need
>>    new options, like snd-hda-intel which now works on my acer
>>    notebook if "probe_mask=1" is added to the module options.
> This is just a case of broken drivers.  Having to manually
> (modprobe.conf counts :) specify a module option to make a driver work
> means that the driver is broken -- these things _have_ to be
> auto-detected.  Punting it to the user just isn't practical or
> reasonable.

But don't we do that now? Doesn't Anaconda know about options needed
for certain hardware and put them in modprobe.conf at install time?

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