v2.6.34 for F-13

Kyle McMartin kmcmartin at redhat.com
Thu May 20 19:18:17 UTC 2010


I've done a scratch build of the rawhide kernel, with debugging
disabled, with most of the patches from F-13 caught back up, for people
to test.

Obviously, we're shipping F-13 with 2.6.33, but I'd like to get the
update out there pretty quickly afterwards, if possible. It's currently
missing a bit of DRM rebasing, which is kind of ironic, but it looks
like Fedora's 2.6.33 has half of a newer DRM, both have seperate fixes

Anyway, hopefully we can get that sorted by the weekend, and get
rawhide moved over to 2.6.35-git.

regards, Kyle

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