performance testing rawhide.

Dave Jones davej at
Wed Sep 22 17:27:40 UTC 2010

There have been a bunch of requests over time to off non-debug builds
of the rawhide kernel for people wanting to do performance regression testing etc

We could do this two ways.

- The notion that was put forward was to keep 'kernel' as being debug mode,
  and add a 'kernel-nodebug'. So it's sort of the inverse of the releases.

- Stop making rawhide 'debug by default', and just start shipping kernel-debug
  for rawhide as we do for releases.

The latter involves less uglification of the spec, but we're probably going
to lose a lot of testing if people aren't going to be running kernel-debug
by default. (How many reports do we get from kernel-debug users ? Not many).



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