[fedora-arm] adding fake-kernel to repository

Kyle McMartin kyle at mcmartin.ca
Wed Jun 8 18:59:32 UTC 2011

On Wed, Jun 08, 2011 at 02:15:15PM -0400, Jarod Wilson wrote:
> Do not want. This is just as easily accomplished by a separate spec that 
> doesn't clutter up the official kernel spec even further than it already is.


Frankly, I've been tired enough having to maintain config files for
ia64, powerpc, sparc, and arm over the last few years when all they need
is kernel-headers. (Note to self, drop ia64 entirely now...) [Note, I
don't mean to sound entirely negative here, but in reality it's an awful
nuisance for nothing, and waiting for the port people to fix it would
just delay my ability to put out updates.]

I'll be posting the split out kernel-noarch spec this week, which should
rectify building kernel-doc and kernel-headers, without needing to go
through the half-hearted rigamarole to do it now.

We can probably cram the fake kernel crud in there for you, but I
definitely don't want it in the main kernel spec. I also don't really
know why you don't just build your sub-arch kernels as packages in your
secondary build system until you get promoted, but that's your decision...


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